Survivor Hour by Hour

This day with God, be a survivor hour by hour and finish the race strong. Take inspiration from poetry or a song like Survivor by Zach Williams to get a great start to your day and help pull you through hour by hour.

Step Ahead

We don’t have to wait another moment before starting to run the race with the pace of a world class athlete. All we have to do is confess to be blessed. Because of Jesus, we have privileged access to the Holy Spirit. Jesus has already gone the extra mile and always appears in the presence of God with us to make us a survivor hour by hour. If during your day, you feel like dropping out of the race, take a moment to be energized with more power by reading the poem below and listening to the song Survivor by Zach Williams.

Held down by burdens
Of a difficult past
But You gave hope
To make us last.

Something to believe in
And born again;
Rescued from the grip
Of our past sin.

Love came crashing in
Taking on our sin
With Jesus our fighter
We are a survivor.

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