Truth is Our Boarding Pass to Paradise

This day with God will be amazing because He thinks you are AWESOME! Use the talents you’ve been given, be happy with who you are, and let God work out the rest. Today, we are reading Numbers 5 and discovering ways to apply God’s principles in our life.

Today’s passage deals with uncleanness and defilement. Since God’s nature is wisdom, peacefulness, and wholesomeness, He cannot co-exist with anything unclean or defiled and they must be removed. There is also instruction on restitution for wrongs either to the offended, to their relatives, or to the priest. When truth is the standard and this standard is not met, there are extreme consequences.

We don’t live in a perfect world. Unfortunately in our current times, truth is not thought of as the standard and we have chaos. We get overcome with things outside our control and laws and government make things even more complicated. The take away for today is that God wants to make wrongs right and faith in Christ makes a way for that to happen.

So fortunately, things have been simplified because of Christ who has dealt with all issues brought out in today’s passage. Our boarding pass to paradise is Truth; simply to confess and follow the way. I’m reminded of a few years ago when my wife and I went to the Titanic display at the Mayborn Museum located on the Baylor University Campus. We received the boarding pass below.

When sailing away on our voyage called life, we need to make sure we get on the ship that is proven, leads us to where you want to go, and has a Captain that can see the obstacles ahead. There are many perils in using the wrong boarding pass so use the one that assures getting us to where we want to go. 

Lord this day with You, help us to gain faith in Your Way. We don’t have all the answers but You do. You care for us more than we care for ourselves. You have a higher view to see the obstacles in our way. We are limited when we rely on our own way so we ask for direction today as we listen to the voice of Truth.


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