Worship 4-19-2020

Worship online via FUMC at this link https://firstwaco.com/ or Download the free app in the App Store or on Google Play. Look for First Waco.

Below are some thoughts I got from today’s message.

Reading in Daniel 3:1-30, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego didn’t pay attention to the king’s demand to worship the image of gold. They were not like everyone else or abnormal!

In the same way, we should constantly recalibrate our understanding of normal because it’s overrated. Normal is living with fear, worry, and doubt. Instead, let us live with faith, composure, and confidence because God can take what bounds us to set us free. Living out a life that is faithful to Jesus Christ by trusting and obeying in the face of hardship. Rejecting the normal and willing to double down on what’s abnormal.

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