Amazing Vista of Hope

This day with God, let us focus in on the Word presented to us in Hebrews 8:1-6 to gain more understanding in how to apply it to our life and reveal to others for their benefit. Each day, we are stepping ahead along the journey constantly looking out from the precipice to reveal God’s glory.

Today, we observe that the duty of a priest is to represent people in matters related to God and to offer sacrifices for sins. Because of Christ now being our High Priest representing us as ultimate sacrifice for sins, there is no more separation from God. The Holy Spirit lives in us and we can help people make a closer step to God so that the future can be one of joy for all.

The earthly sanctuary is a model for Christ’s ministry but the heavenly sanctuary where Jesus Christ is High priest is far superior to the earthly sanctuary for Levitical priests. Instead of continual animal sacrifice on earth, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was done once for all and last forever.

This new covenant in which Christ is our High Priest changes our way of life and our thinking. We have time to focus on the individual strengths God has given each of us. Each strength is then arranged to work together so many can see this amazing vista of hope offered to all.

This day with You Lord as we continue along the journey, help us to focus on what is most important. What matters most is to reveal the new covenant in which Christ is our High Priest. Help us to use our individual gifts to reveal Your glory to others. Use us and keep our eyes on Your Way so we are constantly looking out from the amazing vista of hope.


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