The Great Physician

Our soul is in a constant battle with negative thoughts and attitudes of this world but the Word of God penetrates our soul like a surgical knife to cut out the bad to allow the good to flourish.

The human mind is amazing but with multi-media nowadays, we can get overloaded with false, misleading, and just too much negative information. Just like too much junk food for our physical body, our mental/spiritual well-being depends on feeding our minds positive information. That is why I like Christian music, Bible study, and inspirational writings.

Today, let us take in the positive information of Hebrews 4:1-13. Let us respond with the Good News by receiving rest for the soul. Allow enough time for the Word to soak into the heart and soul so there is peace instead of fear or worry. The Word of God feeds the soul so the intangibles of faith can begin to overflow into tangible acts that benefit those around us.

Enter God’s rest with a daily devotional time, prayer time, and planning time with the aim to follow the Way each day. The Word of God is absolute truth that is flawless, powerful, and coaches us toward holiness. On Sundays, celebrate the day with rest and with worship. Show appreciation to God for all He has done for us. Slow down and enjoy the day so the soul is soaked in the purifying qualities of the Good News.

We can’t fool God about our attitude toward Him because He sees everything we do and knows about everything we have done. Fortunately, we have someone who has been tempted just like we have been and can intercede for us to pick us up after our earthly downfalls. Because of grace, we can confidently ask for help when we are down.

This day with You Lord, we are allowing Your Word to flow from our eyes and ears into our heart. We are planting the seeds of Your principles into our soul, adding the clear water of the Spirit, and letting theses seeds grow into fruit for ourselves and our friends. This will provide positive food for our soul so that an overflow results with acts of kindness, compassion, and encouragement to others. We are steadily flourishing like a constantly watered garden. Amen.

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