The Way of Truth

Our attention is undivided as we read Hebrews 2:1-4 and we are thankful for the path provided. Let us be thankful for the ways we are guided as the truth of the gospel gives stability to our everyday decisions.

If we drift away or neglect the truths of the gospel, our wrong choices make a big difference along the journey. The path we follow can be straight and easy or a winding path with many ups and downs.

We were meant to live forever but the fall from grace of Adam restricted our future to the earth but our destiny is recovered by Christ if we accept the invitation of His leadership, help, and forgiveness. By accepting what was done on the cross for us, we have an eternal destiny of life with Him.

Our attention to helping one person at a time makes a significant difference. One act of kindness, one encouraging statement, or one smile. A small deed or choice of words can set in motion a completely different destiny for the people around us and set them on the journey that leads to peace and eternal bliss.

This day with You Lord, we ask for opportunities for us to share about the Way of Truth. May our blogs provide inspiration, offer the truths of the gospel, and bless with a joy that nourishes souls. Amen.


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