Rewards for Following the Way

We seek the Lord every day and believe in His Way. Today, we are thankful for His provision and grateful for all we receive as it becomes food for our soul.

As we read Leviticus 26, we are reminded that the Lord established the decrees, the laws, and regulations at Mount Sinai between himself and the Israelites through Moses. If the Israelites would keep the Sabbath, they would be rewarded for obedience. God would set things up and things would fall into place for them to prosper. They would overcome those who opposed them and the Lord would grant them favor.

Unfortunately, they didn’t keep the Sabbath and idolatry filled the void. The result was exactly what God said it would be. Terror, diseases, and lack of food. They did not correct their course so life got unbearable as they headed in the wrong direction. Their enemies ruled over them and wild animals killed their livestock so they could not thrive. Their land was laid waste and cities were ruined.

Because the people could not follow the decrees, the laws, and regulations, He sent His Son to the rescue and there is a reward for following God’s New Way. Because of grace, we get a new chance every day because through Christ we are perfect in His eyes.

Noah is the perfect role model for obedience. He was faithful to the call and persevered in building the ark.  In Genesis 9, the rainbow became a way to remind the people of the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures on earth.

Noah had many setbacks and faced ridicule from those around him but persevered to fulfill the purpose God had for him. When we make a comeback after a bad day and keep at it, the reward is always more satisfying. Let us keep our eye on the reward and remain confident that God will set things up so the breaks will start going our way.

We face stressful times, ridicule, and setbacks in our lifework but if we maintain the passion, God will send the inspiration. Believe that God will provide music for your ears, laughter for your soul, and a rainbow after every storm. The photo below was taken one morning as I was heading into the office and gave comfort during some stressful times when a major project was due. It stretched from one end of the lake to the next.

This day with God, we are reminded of the victory Christ brings in our life. This changes our momentum for our day and will push us towards being obedient in not only accepting the Good News but also in sharing with others about God’s New Way to victory. Amen.

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