The Less Traveled Road

Underlying all the commands in Leviticus 19 is devotion to God rather than idols. To the sanctity of God’s Law as laid out in the Ten Commandments. To have attitudes of respect to parents, the elderly, and to fellow neighbors. Common sense attitudes for a society that helps rather than harms one another.

The application of these commands has universal purpose even today. God is great and a society that follows these commands will glorify Him with a culture for greatness. The Ten Commandments allow us to pay attention to the most important issues along our journey through life together.

Just like in the day of Moses when the people created many gods, the gods we create like money, sports, job, and even family are full of promises we can’t keep but the ONE true God has come through on a promise through His Son which has opened the door to an awesome future. So let us accept this promise and take the less traveled road of self-sacrifice but the one that leads to eternal paradise.

This day with You Lord will be amazing because we will keep focused on what matters most. Each of us has a purpose You have given us and we will be available to use this purpose  for Your glory. Our attention is undivided; thankful for the path You have provided. It’s a wonderful time to give praise for the ways You have guided. Amen.


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