Ultimate Sacrifice

This day with God will be amazing as we read in Leviticus 6 and continue to stay anchored to the love from above. The continuity of our relationship with God is in reading His Word daily, spending time in prayer, and following His instructions.

The idea of holiness as expressed in verses 19-30 is that only the holy could be in God’s presence because God is holy. The priests had to sacrifice an animal and go through a ceremony to be made holy on the day they were ordained (v. 20).

So for anyone who sinned, a sacrifice had to be made in order to be in God’s presence. Today, we can be grateful that the death of Christ on the cross is the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and we are made holy by accepting Christ in our heart. Take inspiration from the poem below.

There are rules we live by
and they are our guardrails;
found in His Word
and lighting our trails.

These rules give us
God’s design for living;
blessing those who
constantly are seeking.

They lead us as
we hold His hand;
living by the Word
and keeping His commands.

They are the guide
for each and every decision
as we meditate on His Word
or seek a pious vision.

These rules make the world
a better place;
giving society standards
and inspire to win the race.

They help us invest
instead of spend;
for treasures in heaven
will reward without end.

This day with God, keep the fire burning in order to be refined and molded into being more like Christ. The picture below of the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington D.C. reminds us of the sacrifices made for freedom. The Lord’s Supper is meant to remind us what Christ went through on the cross to set us free from sin.

Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington D.C.

This day with You Lord we study the Word and come to You daily to plan out our day. We are grateful for the sacrifice of Christ on the cross so that we are made holy. May we be spurred on to holy living today in Christ’s name! Amen.

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