Higher Ground

This day with God, we read in 2 Timothy 3 for guidance in resisting what is contradictory in the secular world. Lack of respect of the Truth has so many negative effects on society like disobedience, ungratefulness, and abusiveness. There is a lack of self-control, slander, and concern only for self.

Turn away from secular thought and follow the truth of God’s way to higher ground found in the Scripture. Scripture affected the life of Timothy and it can affect our life too. Just like Timothy, rekindle passion and enthusiasm for the gospel message around the world. Be strong in the faith to handle criticism and those against you.

The goal for the study of God’s Word is to obtain what is right and know what is wrong. To be able to apply your faith and worship with a song. To stay the course and live the good life. To store up ideas like a reservoir to be used at the proper time and at the proper place.

Like Lake Tahoe stores up water, we can store up God’s advice for life. The Bible is God’s game plan so by reading, studying, memorizing, and applying God’s word, we have the best plan for how to live. Document the principles learned, look for pictures that help to visualize, sermon points, and music that inspires.

The photo below is of Lake Tahoe which is the largest alpine lake (lakes at high attitude – above 5,000 ft.) in North America. It is 1,645 ft. deep.

When you pray and develop a game plan each day with God, there is confidence because you know that you will do what is needed to be done and things will fall into place for a very rewarding day.

This day with You Lord, we study Your Word for guidelines to our living. We obtain the truth, trust in the Holy Spirit for power, and continue to grow in faith. We know there will be challenges but they will produce perseverance and we will grow in character. Every challenge becomes a building block as we step ahead higher and higher.

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