Treasures of Transformation

This day with God, let us take in the discipline from His Word found in Titus 3 which explains that our attitude and behavior in society should be to respect authority, be obedient, helpful, considerate, gentle, and peaceful.

The grace of God transforms and frees us from foolishness, disobedience, envy, and hate. We are reborn when we accept Christ as Savior and renewed by the Holy Spirit to do good things that are excellent and beneficial for all.

Live productive lives by being devoted to excellence and storing up spiritual treasures. Jewels are found by daily reading the Word of God. Other treasures are found when we discover the finest qualities in others and let them know about it. It gives valuable benefit to us and to those around us.

Because of accepting Christ as Savior, we have the Holy Spirit with the power to change and become more like Christ each day. We are disciplined to spend some time with You Lord and this leads to progress and joy. We are storing up spiritual treasures as we discover Your work in our lives. Amen.

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