Higher Standard

In Micah 6, the controversy is that the people had removed God’s standards from their life. They didn’t worship the ONE true God but worshiped idols and were separated from His life changing power.

God desires that we act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with Him (v. 8). The central cause of Israel’s separation from God is that they had poor leadership from kings who worshiped idols. The kings were deceitful, dishonest, and their relationship with God was not right.

Because of poor leadership, there was a lot of lying, cheating, and stealing in society. The kings were given so many opportunities to turn to God but instead thought the ways of this world had more benefit to them. God felt it was time to shake things up.

If you think about it, much of our life in present times is also directed by the low standards of this world rather than God’s higher standard. Success is defined by lofty incomes, nice cars, or an expensive house rather than the vast spiritual assets of faith, hope, and love!

This day with You Lord, we know that You speak to us in various ways. Through visions, dreams, and the beauty of Your Creation but most of all through Your Word. We humbly come before You now and admit wrong choices of the past. Sometimes we view success by the standards of the world with lofty incomes, nice cars, houses, and other materialistic resources. We neglect to realize that the vast spiritual resources You offer are more valuable and last longer. We now understand how You’ve taken care of our yesterdays and our tomorrows through the Higher Standard in Your Son Jesus Christ so we can concentrate more on today. Amen.

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