Living for the King of the World

In Micah 2, we get information on how to handle those who want to abuse their power. The deceivers discussed in this passage desire material gain for themselves at the expense of their fellow neighbor. They have no qualms about destroying liberty so long as it fulfills their own appetite for materialism.

The two groups of deceivers who abuse their power mentioned in this passage are false religious teachers and political leaders who create economic advantages for themselves. We should speak out against them and instead seek ways to bring honor and glory to the Lord.

Our liberty, justice, and equality comes from the Lord and not from false religious teachers or political leaders who are seeking power for themselves. Let us read, study, and memorize the Word of God so we have a game plan to defeat those who want to deceive us.

Leaders of this world today create wrong data captured to proof their own desires rather than what is best for the people. Those following the way of the Lord have accepted what Christ did on the Cross as the path to true liberty and victory.

Those of faith accept what Christ did on the Cross. Photo taken 06/04/2018 at Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs Arkansas.

This day with You Lord, we are living for the king of the World. We are not living for those of this world who deceive for their own power. Our thoughts today are on the freedom You give through Jesus Christ. The freedom to choose the path that leads to spiritual and financial justice. Amen.


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