Worship of the ONE True God

You cannot serve both God and money. – Luke 16:13

Brought out in the study of 2 Corinthians 6:11 through 7:4 and shared in the post “One Common Link” is the difficulty of mixing the worship of idols with the worship of the ONE true God because righteousness and wickedness do not mix together.

Paul faced this challenge in establishing the Corinthian church and we all face these challenges today.  When faced with a challenge, that’s when the focus is the highest. Fellow believers need to focus on what God provides and pull for each other. That the Spirit moves in each heart so the body of Christ is functioning in concert.

I remember helping my daughter set up her fitbit a while back. It wouldn’t work because it wasn’t synced up to the correct model. Sometimes we just need to be synced up to the ONE that provides what we need; the ONE true God.

You may be at home right now and need a lift. You may be at work struggling with an issue. For more peace and to get synced up, take a few minutes to listen to the song Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave.

Let us put our attention on God first. He will provide what we need so we can organize, prioritize, and reorder our day with a plan. Then all we need to do is step ahead towards that plan with a purpose in every step. 


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