Live with Confidence

David had been on the run away from King Saul. He was tired from running and sought asylum with Achish but was thrown in prison. David pretended to be a mad man and Achish released him so David went to a cave in the hill country of Judea southwest of Jerusalem.

It is during this time in the cave that many Bible scholars believe David wrote Psalms 34 as a praise song to God for listening, for delivering him from his enemies, and answering his prayers.

The song teaches us to fear the Lord, turn from evil, seek peace, and to do good. David shows confidence in God delivering the righteous from trouble; delivering those who are brokenhearted and rescuing those who take refuge in Him.

We can have a similar confidence by seeking God in everything we do. God will teach us through His Word, in the music we listen to, in the relationships we have with others, in art, and in nature. We can apply our faith by imparting our knowledge and demonstrating the principles of Christ in how we live.

This day with You Lord we live with confidence that You will bless us because we are seeking Your advice and following through with Your guidance. Day by day we study Your Word and we are being transformed into being more like Christ. We are learning the best way and applying it to how we live. Amen.


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