What prophecies control your life? Don’t let other people or external negative expectations dominate your attitudes about yourself. You can’t force others around you to change their attitudes about you but you do have the freedom to change your own thoughts and attitudes about yourself. We see this in sports. How many times have you heard people say a team can’t beat another? Yet, the team wins because they expected to win and were motivated to pay the price with practice, dedication and concentration toward the victory.

Step Ahead

Negative prophecies
Can control your life,
Destroy confidence,
And fill you with strife.

Low expectations
Can dominate
So your attitude
Is in a bad state.

But you have freedom
To make a change
Turn negative thoughts
So they are rearranged.

You have what it takes
To turn a defeat
Into a victory
And then repeat.

Then you will impress
With more progress
And more conquests
So they expect success.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-31-2019

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