Impossible for Us but Possible with God

Reading Psalms 33, we get an indication that this psalm is designed for corporate worship. The psalmist says to praise the Lord through music and song because the earth is full of his unfailing love (v. 5).

The psalmist pictures God as the Creator. By the Word of the Lord the vast universe was made with the stars and planets. He made the deep oceans on earth with land for people to live. Nations formed and the eyes of the Lord are on those who put their hope in His unfailing love.

God can turn what is impossible for us and make it possible. Each nation comes up with standards of morality and Americans should rejoice that the U. S. constitution was based on the principles laid out in the Bible. By studying history, one can easily conclude that God treats the plans of each nation differently. Those that follow His way are blessed and those that don’t are destroyed.

The plans of God make the impossible, possible. God’s gift of Jesus has made possible the freedom we feel and a desire to praise. The photo below was taken at a concert of Love & The Outcome.

This day with You God, we give praise for Your Word because of the standards of morality it teaches. We see the world around us and see these standards not being followed but we continue to be patient. Sometimes all it takes is getting the basics done and letting You take what is basic and turning it into something amazing. Putting You first is basic and even though we have doubt, there is more faith than doubt. We are “One Nation Under God” and because of that fact, things can turn around. You always have one more move that can set us on the path to victory. Amen. 


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  1. Ihagh G. T. says:

    interesting and insightful post


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