Enthusiastically Going After Our Treasured Reward

Reading in 1 Corinthians 9:19-27, Paul’s attitude was to be all things to all people in order to win them to Christ. Since he was single or free and did not belong to any one, he enthusiastically ran the race by becoming interested in the needs of others. For the Jew, he became like one under the law. To the weak, he became weak to win them over to the way of Christ.

Paul was free without being carried away or compromised with this freedom because he was under the law of Christ. He followed the Word and was disciplined like a runner in a race enthusiastically going for first place. The difference for Paul is that the reward that He was after is the crown that last forever.

Paul used the principles taught by Christ to train spiritually and we can do the same. Each day, we can be excited like a team running onto a field before a football game. We can go into training to change lives, win people to Christ, and receive the everlasting reward that is beyond what we could ever imagine.

The picture below is my dog Marlee. She is ready each day to get up early for her food. This picture displays her way to tell us she was ready to be fed as she hopped up on the chair next to the dinner Table.

This day with You Lord, we go into training to get our treasure. Like an athlete that sometimes doesn’t feel like working out but does in order to get a prize. We do things because we are going after the everlasting reward received at the end of this race we call life. During this race, we seek to change lives, to win people to You, to inspire others so they are empowered and ready to be deployed to change the world. Opportunities are right in front of us today to bring victory for ourselves and in the lives of others we meet. Amen.


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