Pulling Together with Christ

Paul writes with the authority of an apostle of Christ Jesus (v.1). 1 Corinthians 1:1-17 was written in response to some difficulties the Christians at Corinth were having. There were divisions in the church and some moral issues among other things.

Paul is thankful for the growth of the members of this church. He applauds the work they have been doing and the spiritual gifts among them but appeals to them to pull together with Christ as their leader.

Like during the time of this writing of Paul, we face many of the leadership issues today. People disagree with who to follow. Personal interests produces disunity within our society and there is a crisis of leadership.

There are steps we all can take to promote unity among Christians in our schools, businesses, communities, and churches. Unity comes from having a common purpose and all Christians should agree about the purpose of the Cross. Around this agreement, there is great power to organize and be victorious in the battle against anything that goes against this purpose.

Even if disunity exist, we can be thankful that God has given us Jesus Christ to pull us all together. We can use our various ideas and skill sets to add that missing piece in someone’s life. With the words we say or the ideas we give, it just might make all the difference between helping someone have a good day or a bad day.

Pull together for a common purpose to promote good values in our schools, businesses, communities, and churches. This photo was taken at my daughter’s field day activities at her school 5/20/2010.

This day with You God will be amazing because of the gift You have given us in Your Son Jesus Christ. Because of Christ, the Holy Spirit directs our steps, and Your fellowship of believers all work together. We are never alone and the community of faith offers various skill sets and ideas that can help fix the problems we may have at work or at home. For these reasons, we are grateful today. Amen.

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