Game Plan

I read a book a while back titled “Game Plan For Life” by Joe Gibbs the 3-Time Super Bowl Champion as coach of the Washington Redskins and also 3-Time NASCAR champion. Some of the main points I got from the book is that we should ask for God’s help in prayer and seek a purpose for which He gives us. When He does, take action by writing it down and trying to answer the following questions?

  • Is my God given purpose specific and can I write specific actions to take?
  • Is my purpose something I’ve talked to God about in prayer and not something someone else has pressured me into?
  • Can I write out my God given purpose in a positive way?
  • Am I willing to make some personality changes to fulfill the purpose God has given?

Step Ahead

Purpose driven
With persistent action
To gain traction
With satisfaction.

Willing to consider
Any needed change
To fulfill a purpose
For the long range.

Keeping track of tasks,
Being a good student
With thoughts or ideas
For constant improvement.

Asking in prayer for help
And ready to get started
With the purpose of
Aiming for the target.

Following a game plan
Toward the right way
And always praying
For an amazing day.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-09-2018

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