Pointed out in Proverbs 17 are certain relationships like the one between a child and parent; between young and old or between one group and another group. The principles taught in this passage can be used for interaction in these relationships. They help us as we set out to get along with others, to communicate with care, and to seek those who can be trusted.

Relationships are not always easy but Proverbs can help provide instructions in the best way to handle these life situations. We can continue to have a good outlook and find joy even during difficulty. For it is in difficult times that we have opportunities to learn, to grow, and gain experience.

In our challenging world, we need to constantly make adjustments. Using ideas and strategies found in Proverbs can help us make the needed adjustments. They can cushion the blows in order to provide for a better future. Always remember that every wound will bring wisdom and every trial will bring triumph.

This day with You Lord, we are thankful for Your Word in helping us make adjustments along our journey. The lessons in Your Word, the Holy Spirit, and the experiences we go through speak to us deep in our heart. Your Word gives us wisdom that guides our life and makes every day meaningful as we pattern our life after Jesus. In His name we pray. Amen.


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