Advantage for Your Day

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13

In the post “Advice for Life”, highlighted is that being on God’s side gives a tremendous advantage. The scripture above and other memorized scriptures can be very useful when faced with pressure moments in life.

I once heard about a field goal kicker in football that repeated over and over in his mind scriptures like the one above before kicking a field goal. This gave him poise as he got set to perform the winning kick in the last seconds of the game.

One thing about sports that is related in life is how we all compete against time. We all set priorities in the use of our time. As we plan out each day, two questions must be answered: What is it that needs to be done? What is most important?

The amazing thing to me is that efficiency is thought of highly in sports but not so much these days in government, organizations, and businesses. Each sports team competes and the coach puts players in a position where they can do the best for their team. In government and in some businesses, people seem to be put out of position. They are put in a position to fail and organizations are run in such a dysfunctional way.

We all win some and loose some but the most important thing is you give it your best. If God is with you through all of it, then you’ll end up victorious. Here’s a song to inspire us toward a winning day: Through All of It by Colton Dixon.


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3 Responses to Advantage for Your Day

  1. Amen may the lord bless you


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