Accepting Others and Working Together

As explained in Romans 14:13-23, Paul commands attitudes that come from the Holy Spirit as a substitute for judging. Being concerned about the type of food or drink we consume are minor issues and should not be our main concern. Instead our attention should be on the big issues like accepting others and working together.

We are bound by the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit and this is ultimately how we keep our faith and life. Therefore accept others and do not judge them on disputable matters. Instead, brighten a neighbor’s day with the fruit of kindness and nourish their soul.

Some need to grow in knowledge and others need to grow in loving others. Neighbors helping neighbors is how a society best manages their problems. Think of ideas for being kind to your neighbor and pass it on.

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This day with You God, we are thankful for what others gave us when they shared about Your Son. The kindness given is for a lifetime because the power of the Holy Spirit keeps on giving day by day. As more see the kind-hearted nature demonstrated by Your people, more will become Christ followers and this will change the world. Help us to show kindness to others today even if it’s just a smile.  🙂 Amen.


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2 Responses to Accepting Others and Working Together

  1. Thanks for the great reminder of the “big thing”. Jesus is calling me to love my neighbor.

    Be blessed. God is with you mighty man of God.


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