Overcome Evil with Good

The main ideas expressed and emphasized in Romans 12:9-21 are to overcome evil with good by being faithful in prayer, being joyful in hope, and being devoted to one another in brotherly love.

Imagine the effects of a world obeying these ideas. There would be much less crime, a healthier society, and much more productivity for our economy. The Holy Spirit would lead each individual to where they needed to go in their life.

To obey these ideas today, let us listen to what principles are taught in the Bible and always be growing in faith by looking forward to the future. If there are setbacks, remember that God is big enough to help us meet adversity head on. If wronged, know that God will make it right in the end because those that follow His way will be blessed.

Other ideas may include focusing on being a part of God’s team using unique strengths to build up His kingdom. Genuinely caring for one another with biblical fellowship and working together to build up the Temple of God.  Building a spiritual team is similar to working out as an athletic team except instead of physical exercise, scripture is used to build up spiritual muscle.

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Lord, this day will be amazing because with You we gain more victories than all the grains of sand on earth. The Bible gives great advice and victory is assured through Jesus Christ. We may have unfinished projects or deadlines looming but what is most important is claiming the sure victory Christ gave us on the cross and to sharing this victory with others. Amen.

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