The ONE True

The Israelites had gone down the wrong path by worshiping things of this world rather than worshiping the ONE TRUE God. The Ten Commandments had been given to help them focus on God; to set up priorities and create order in their lives. They set standards for them to pay attention to in order to have proper family and community relationships.

Because the Israelites did not abide by the Ten Commandments, they were not blessed with good economic times. Slaves were not forbidden during those times so laws were made towards the master/slave relationship as laid out in Exodus 21. There were regulations concerning violence and neglect.

In this passage, we are able to look back at history and see the effects of putting the things of this world ahead of God. There becomes a gradual decline in society that builds up to put a heavy weight on the shoulders of people. Instead, we can offer a way for others so they can have a helper to relieve the burdens and lighten the path to a brighter future.

Fortunately, knowing and trusting God makes a difference in our relationship with others. Rather than let the way of this world creep into our life, it is much better to understand and apply the Way of God as instructed in His Word. Then we can share with others the Way so that their lives are impacted. We can also use the greatest power we have which is to go to God in prayer.

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This day with You Lord, we can pray to learn and apply the principles You give us in the Bible; asking You to search inside our soul and clear out what shouldn’t be there. We ask that our life plan lines up with what You have laid out. We ask that what we do today will result in the start of many days ahead in which we are working toward Your purpose. 


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