Impossible Becomes Possible

Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with men is possible with God”. – Luke 18:27

If we are worried so much about what we need to do and not aware of what God can do, our true potential will not be realized. Just as shared in the post “Winning Battles”, God provides the power to make what seems impossible possible.

Worry only gives us stress and keeps us from being at our best. It takes away our freedom but confidence in God gives a lift as if on the wings of an eagle.

In sports, many times it is one missed opportunity that makes all the difference between victory and defeat; a dropped pass in football; a fielding error in baseball; a missed free throw in basketball. It’s the same in the game of life but if we take the opportunity to accept God’s plan for us, there is only victory.

Even though there are defeats in life, we have grace that provides the ultimate victory. Be lifted up today by this video Only Grace – Matthew West and know that God gives you the upper hand so that what seems impossible becomes possible.

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