Be a Miracle for Someone Today

For in the day of trouble
   He will keep me safe in His dwelling;
He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent
   And set me high upon a rock. – Psalm 27:5 

As explained in the post “No Fear since He is Near”, David prayed for God’s power to get him through his difficulty. He desired God’s presence and His protection from enemies. David trusted in God and went to Him in prayer for strength. He was confident that God would pull him through.

Many of us in life, fear rejection from friends or relatives. But we don’t have to fear because like David, we can go to the Lord for strength. We may be rejected on earth but rejection is never permanent. What is permanent is our acceptance by God when we follow His Plan for Us. Be a miracle for someone today and reblog or forward this link. Always remember, by accepting Christ as Savior, you are never rejected in heaven.

David said in Psalm 27:6 that he would sing and make music to the Lord. Let’s do the same today as we praise Him with today’s video: Good Fight by Unspoken.

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