No Fear since He is Near

As recorded in Psalm 27 , there is no fear when we feel God is near. Like David says, “the Lord is our light, our salvation, and our stronghold”. David’s single desire was that he may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life (v. 4). He wanted to learn God’s way and be led down the straight path (v. 11).

We can all pray a similar prayer today. When we dream about what is needed, then we begin to believe it will happen. We then develop plans and know what steps to take. We take those steps and become more confident that our dream will come true.

I remember playing baseball in high school. The day before a tournament, our coach gave a talk about a guy who was a great golfer. He came down with an illness and was directed by his doctor to stay in bed for two weeks. Concerned that he would lose his edge for a major tournament coming up, he decided to practice in his mind.

Each ball he hit in his mind was perfect; straight down the fairway and further than he had ever hit a ball before. Over and over each day while he lay in bed, he played rounds of golf. After the weeks had gone by, the doctor then declared the golfer was over his illness. The golfer then went out to the golf course the first chance he got and shot the best round of golf in his life.

I took this inspiring story from my baseball coach and applied it to hitting a baseball. In batting practice before the first game of the tournament, I was seeing the ball good and hitting it solid. The first at bat, I saw the ball coming towards me and hit it solid. It jumped off the bat and went over the right field fence.

Friends, we can do the same today by practicing in our minds the type of life we would like to live. Here is a poem today about my home run to motivate us today to hit home runs for God.

Getting a jump on my day
and ready to write my story.
To be at my best today
and ready to bring Him glory.
Looking at the wall;
waiting for the pitch.
Then focused on the ball
and seeing every stitch.
The pitch is right in my zone.
There is no pressure at all.
For my mind has already shown
that the ball goes over the wall.
Getting a jump on my day
and ready to write my story.
To be at my best today
and ready to bring Him glory. 

Poem By Mark Shields – © 6-08-2013
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