Dissipation of a Nation

As explained in Hosea 13, at one time everyone listened to God and showed respect but abundance made them feel they were self-sufficient and they gave themselves over to the worship of idols. This resulted in complete dissipation of the nation of Israel. The disease of sin spread unchecked as the right choices were not made and they could not remember that the Lord was their Savior.

There are several lessons that nations and individuals can learn from this passage. It’s important to choose the King of kings rather than a human king. Another lesson is to choose life rather than death; to rely on God’s Way rather than our own way and to rely on God in good and in bad times.

Photo Credit : prayerleader.com

Photo Credit : prayerleader.com

Father God, we humbly come to You today knowing that greatness can only be achieved by doing things Your Way. The nation from which I am from currently no longer gives You credit and the many leaders of this nation no longer believe in being “One Nation Under God”. Today, we ask that the people rise up over these leaders and that this trend is reversed so that people serve You and constantly seek Your help rather than the small help from government. Amen.

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