Life Has Strains but Hope Always Remains

The vision in Amos 9 reveals that the judgment of God reaches all places in the universe; from the depths of the ocean to the heavens above. It reaches the high places in the mountains and the low places beneath the ground to destroy the sinful kingdom from the face of the earth.

As in today’s passage, life has strains but hope always remains. After the vision of judgment comes to fruition, the repair will begin as God’s people will be brought back from exile to rebuild the cities and harvest their land.

Today’s passage should inspire us to always have hope even in difficulties for God has promised better days ahead. So let us cheer up – the Creator will help us step ahead. Even beyond life on earth, He has a lofty palace reserved for us.

This day with You Lord will be amazing because You will take our hopes and dreams to a new level that we could have never ever imagined. Even in the dark days of difficulty that we face from time to time, Your light will illuminate the path for us to follow.

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