A Lift

This day with God, we are ready to take in what is uplifting, what is amazing, and gives a great benefit with inspiration from the past, preparation for the present, and a readiness to step ahead into an incredible future.

In Deuteronomy 13, Moses warns of several areas of enticement to idols as he prepares the people for the Promised Land. The Canaanite gods were many and Moses was warning them not to listen to others who would try to get them to follow their many Gods.

The other areas of enticement Moses discuses are friends and relatives who can be very persuasive in idol worship but Moses tells them to keep their focus on the ONE true God. There’s something to be said about using our time and money at getting acquainted with the true treasures of God’s precepts found in His Word.

Another area of enticement Moses warns against is following the multitude. In today’s culture, we face the same temptations. Many follow the crowd and don’t speak up when the crowd is going wayward. The crowd may buy into things that cost more than what they are worth. Many are enticed by things that cost more than what they can afford.

Instead, we should be enticed into spending time learning about God’s way and giving each other a lift. The picture below was taken at the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo years ago. We also went to a Joe Nichols concert that evening. It was great weather as in his hit song “Sunny and 75”.

The memories we make give us a lift, the weather can give us a lift, and the ultimate lift is knowing that the future is bright because of the reward God has for all that believe in His Son.

This day with You Lord, we worship You only. The time with You is of essence as we study Your Word, reflect on how to apply Your Word, and pray for direction in our life. We are grateful for memories that last forever. Memories that give us a lift and lift You higher in the thoughts of others. Amen.

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6 Responses to A Lift

  1. rahjomuelvin says:

    Idols and the majority.
    Yes, they are still the same forces that may draw us away from God.

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  2. Unfortunately, idolatry if alive and well. We all need to look out for it creeping into our lives.

    This is so true: “we should be enticed into spending time learning about God’s way and giving each other a lift.”


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