Reward for the Soul

The vision of summer fruit presented in Amos 8 illustrates that the people were ripe for judgment. As the fruit sits in the sun on a summer day, it will soon spoil so the message in this passage is that the patience of the Lord has run its course and it was time for God’s judgment.

The rich and powerful had oppressed the poor and continued to worship idols. Because they had not listened to the warnings, the Lord would send famine which would lead to disease and death throughout the land.

Just like in the days of Amos, many look for answers to life’s big problems. Unfortunately they look for solutions in the wrong places. That’s why we should each do all we can to understand the Word of God and to help others do the same.

God’s Word provides the answers to our questions and is our daily food to nourish our life. When I come home for work, my dog is happy to see me. After a time of greeting and play, she is ready for her afternoon meal. Then early in the morning, my dog is ready to get up early because feeding time is near. In the same way, we should be eager to take in the food for our souls; rising early to receive our daily reward.

By taking in God’s Word as food for our soul, we will be blessed and others will be blessed because of our sharing about the treasures we find. This day with You Lord, we bring our hearts and seek You first before anything else. Your word is rewarding to our souls and we are enthusiastic about our day because we have come to You first. You are our true reward. Amen.

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