A Major Project

Reading in Exodus 3, Moses comes to the place in his life where God uses him for a major project. After many years living the life of a prince and after many years living in exile, he now comes to the mountain of God. An angel of the Lord appears to him in flames of fire from within a bush (v. 2).

Noted in today’s passage is the patience of Moses in living for many years in exile before fulfilling the main purpose God had for his life. The lesson of the life of Moses is that if facing adversity, be patient because with God on your side, adversity can enrich the world more than privilege. We cannot fail with God on our side.

The project God gave Moses was to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and away from the misery they had endured for hundreds of years. He would tell the Israelites about the project and then convince the king of Egypt to let them go to the Land God had promised them. The success of the project would not rest on the shoulders of Moses but on God who would set things up for success. Moses simply would follow the instructions of God.

Today, people may not be in such a desperate place as the Israelites in Egypt during that time but there is some anxiety for many in our society. Many are trapped in their work and can’t get away from the constant grind that modern technology seems to intensify. Because of smart phones, computers, etc. which keep us connected to our work, many will not see the need to turn these off and just relax.

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Some will not take the opportunity to receive the good about this technology which is that one can stay in constant contact with the things of God and with friends who can build up our faith. The challenge is then to think accurately and make the decision to turn off the pressure by making God more of a friend.

This day with you Lord, we pray for more patience as we make You more of an acquaintance in our life. Help us to endure distress knowing that You will bless in the long term. Your plan of Christ as Savior provides us the Way. All we have to say is “I’m Yours”. Help us to daily affirm this commitment. In Christ name. Amen!

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3 Responses to A Major Project

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Amen !
    We need to take time away from all distractions and also build on patience as a virtue in order to take the time away and watch God work miracles in our lives.

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