In Acts 3:1-10, Peter and John were empowered by God to give healing to a crippled beggar. They show their love to God and to their fellow neighbor by explaining that what God gives is far more valuable than riches of this world. The beggar at the temple gate was asking for money but Peter blessed him with what he needed and this gave glory to God.

In the process of this miracle, all involved gave glory to God and improved the world around them. Peter and John glorified God because they used His power to give someone what they needed in life. The lame man glorified God because he showed excitement and enthusiasm for what he received. He went into the temple courts walking, jumping and praising God (v. 9). The spectators gave glory to God by being filled with wonder and amazement.

This day with You Lord, we pray to give You glory by using the skills You have given us and sharing them with the world. Let us share with others how You have impacted our life and made it better.  Let us share about experiences that bring You glory. Help us to inspire others with examples of Your wonder and amazement. Amen!

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  1. I receive that pray in Jesus name

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