He is with Us Along this Journey

Two disciples were discussing the events of the last few days including Christ’s crucifixion and reports of His resurrection as they walked to a village named Emmaus about seven miles from Jerusalem.

As explained in Luke 24:13-35, they did not recognize that the stranger who had joined them on the walk was Jesus. As they walk, the two disciples tell the “stranger” about the events of the last few days and how they had lost hope because they had believed Jesus was the one who would redeem Israel.

At this point along the journey, Jesus points out what the scripture says; that the Messiah would have to suffer before entering His glory (v. 26). Jesus is giving a lesson in the importance of Bible study. For us to maintain a positive outlook even when things do not seem to be working out.

Just like with the two disciples in this passage, there are factors that help us to recognize Jesus as we walk in our daily lives. They wanted Jesus to stay with them because they were amazed at His knowledge. We should be just as enthusiastic as these two disciples to spend time together, learn from each other, and support one another.

Their eyes were opened when Jesus ate with them; taking the bread, giving thanks, breaking the bread, and giving it to them (v. 30). They recognized Jesus, got up at once, and went back to Jerusalem to share their experience with the Eleven and those with them who were assembled together (v. 33). In the same way, as we walk with the Lord daily, may we be excited to tell others about our experiences along the journey.

Father God, may we keep looking for You each day. Each book we read; each movie or video we see; or each song we hear, may we take in a lesson that You want us to learn and in turn share with others. Keep our minds open, our thoughts focused, and our hearts softened in order to recognize You are here. You are with us this day to strengthen us and to guide us along our journey. Amen!

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1 Response to He is with Us Along this Journey

  1. This is a very timely message, having come at a time when I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me to leave my place of employment. Even so, there are things that have to be done, like getting my house ready to sell, before I can move on. This message is a good reminder of our need to trust God, and leave the consequences to Him.

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