The Hope Christ Gives

In what ways does the widow give more? The disciples remark about the splendor of the temple but Jesus points out that the temple would be destroyed. What are the political, natural, religious, and personal signs of this taking place? What quality must the disciples possess to overcome? Are you revealing this quality in your daily living?

We continue now the study of Jesus’ teachings in the temple courts. In Luke 21:1-19, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury (v. 1) and a poor widow put in two very small copper coins (v. 2). He said the widow gave more because she gave her offering out of poverty. She gave even when she needed it to live on. The others gave out of their wealth.

Some of the disciples noticed the splendor of the beautiful stones in the temple and all the gifts dedicated to God but Jesus pointed out that there will be a day when everything would be destroyed. The disciples were wondering when this would happen.

History tells us that the temple was destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70 but Jesus was also referring to “The Tribulation” or the end of times. He told them that there would be signs as a pre-cursor to the end of times. There would be wars and uprisings pitting one nation against the other. There would be an increase in natural disasters like earthquakes, famine, and diseases.

Jesus said many would falsely claim to be the Christ and lead people astray. There would be persecution and imprisonment for those who follow the true Christ. Family members would even betray each other. Jesus told them to not be deceived, afraid, or to worry.

Jesus explains to His disciples that they must continue to have hope during these times of opposition. Jesus inspires them with hope by telling them He will give them the words and wisdom to fight with.

So this day with You God, help us to overcome those against us. Assist us by providing faith and the quality of hope in our daily living. With You, we can always overcome if we keep trying and never give up. Then, we give ourselves a chance and with You by our side, our chances are greater than we could ever imagine. Amen!

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