Questions for Reflection for Study of Luke 14-16

In the journey through Luke 12-13, noted was how Jesus continued to lead the disciples to be bold and persuasive about how best to live even with enemies like the Pharisees who were against them. Jesus taught in parables including the Parable of the Rich Fool; teaching that it is wise to store up eternal spiritual treasure rather than earthly temporary treasure for ourselves.

God’s Word provides food for a healthy mind, body, and soul and His Son creates light for our understanding. We can be inspired by a praise song that brings peace and joy to our day; music for our ears and inspiration for our souls. Jesus emphasized that worry is worthless but discovering the treasures of heaven is priceless. The things of God, assure us of a secure future with protection and guaranteed eternal destiny.

The Holy Spirit sets us free like the woman that Jesus healed on the Sabbath in Luke 13. Like the fig tree that didn’t bear much fruit, we need nutrition for the soul and we receive this from God’s Word. From a small seed grows a large tree and with a little bit of yeast mixed with flour, the bread rises. With God, we rise up from something small into something big.

We may not feel good at times. Other times, we may feel lonely or may feel inferior. Sometimes, we may just be physically worn out but these are the things that create resistance and ultimately make us stronger. Like the resistance when lifting weights to build our physical muscle, we can also build up our spiritual muscle.

Without resistance, the wings of a plane can’t produce lift to fly through the air. Without resistance to fear, there is no courage. Next time your day is filled with some resistance, smile at it, say thank You God, and keep going. Persistence like a stream of water eventually cuts into a rock and if we remain persistent at focusing on the possibilities God gives, we can cut into and go through any obstacle in our way.

By accepting Christ, God will give insight into how we can play our part to do everything for the cause of Christ. Each day is amazing because of who He is and who we are: an important part of history and one of His children. Writing and reading about faith gives each of us a great purpose because we can highlight thoughts or ideas that encourage, energize and inspire.

This day with God, let us rise up by fixing your eyes on Him and feeding our soul with thoughts of a believer; collecting the precious insight gained in His Word. When we see something amazing, let’s enthusiastically point it out so it is highlighted and captures everyone’s interest. Let’s shine the light so others can plainly see and recognize that it is God at work.

If we knew the Lord would be returning within 30 days, we might be more disciplined in the use of our time. We would be paying attention and getting things in order. Like taking an exam, we would prepare in advance by making notes and studying the material. No none knows the time of the Lord’s return so it’s important to be prepared at all times. If Bible study and prayer is a top priority, we are more prepared and that’s why I’ll be continuing the study in the book of Luke and sharing a few thoughts over the next few weeks.

Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. You can keep up with my spiritual journey by clicking As the journey through God’s Word continues, below are questions for reflection for the study of Luke 14-16 which will help focus some thoughts to share in posts over the next few weeks.

Luke 14:1-24
What do you think, motivates Jesus to accept this social invitation? How can you meet the need of others during your social and recreational life? What is the right attitude of hospitality? Jesus gives a parable about a great banquet. In what ways is the invitation to the great banquet inclusive?

Luke 14:25-35
What is significant in the Lord’s addressing the great multitude desirous of following Him (See 9:57-62)? List and explain the demands of following Jesus. In what ways may your attitude toward Jesus cost yourself?

Luke 15
To whom does Jesus address these parables? What is the unifying theme of the three parables? How does the announcements by Jesus of what happens in heaven affect His listeners? 

Luke 16:1-13
Who is addressed here? Who overhears (See verse 14)? Explain what the rich man commends in his steward. Are you a good steward of what God has given you? What are the right attitudes, motives, and actions of people who serve God?

Luke 16:14-31
Contrast the attitude of Jesus (v. 9-13) and the Pharisees. Does the gospel void the law (See 10:25-28)? How does the Parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus show the seriousness of your attitudes and actions during your life? 

The above reading plan will be used as I share over the next few posts. It’s important to have a plan. I’m thankful that Jesus is God’s plan for us and by accepting Him as Savior; we have taken the steps necessary to make this day with Him amazing! At this link: God’s Plan for Us, is a post about accepting God’s plan or reaffirming our “YES” for Christ. 

Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of the questions above. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments or to a Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God. 

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Family Times
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About Mark Shields

Mark volunteers as a member of the media ministry team at his church. A few years ago, he started an on-line Bible study guide called “This Day with God Devotional”. He uses this as a tool in his journey through the Bible. We live in a very busy world with busy schedules so this tool has helped him continue with daily Bible reading and study. Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. Join him on this journey or check in every so often to read his thoughts.
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