Promises Given

God identifies himself in Genesis 17 as God Almighty and He makes a promise to Abraham which is known as the Abrahamic covenant.  The essence of this covenant is that God would bless Abraham with a son and his descendants would be fruitful in the land which God would give them. He would be the father of many nations.

Easter is coming soon. Last Easter, we met for our family get together at Washington on the Brazos. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to visit Texas or have not studied its history, it has a fascinating past; for a time, it was an independent nation from 1836 through 1846.

Washington on the Brazos is the location of what was the national capitol of the Republic of Texas after winning its independence from Mexico and it is now a state park. About 60 miles southwest of Houston, my family met at the park and had a picnic. Afterwards, we played kick ball (parents against kids) for a while and then some of us went in the museum there at the park. One thought I had after going through the museum is that it makes you appreciate those that went through the rough times to establish the states and nations in which we live.

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Being the father of many nations was a great promise given to Abraham, he responded by falling facedown before God in humility; he laughed and said to himself, “Will a son be born to a man a hundred years old? Will Sarah bear a child at the age of ninety (v. 17)? The seal of this promise was circumcision and Abraham did what God told him to do as he took Ishmael and all the males born in his household to be circumcised.

What promise has God given you? For me, I feel this blog is one of His promises to me as I share each day about my journey through the Bible. Hopefully, it will not only help myself but others throughout their journey.  Many today believe that God’s Word is not worth much but that’s a lie. Some say the Word of God is outdated and not useful in today’s world. I’m here to say that God’s Word is full of value worth more than nuggets of gold which will pay off in untold benefits for our life on earth and beyond.

When God promises something, we are able to visualize what will happen in the future. We remain steadfast because we sincerely believe that each obstacle will be overcome and enthusiastically act upon each task until completion. We celebrate along the way our progress towards receiving the rewards God has for us by praising Him.

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