Remember that Lot had settled the land along the Jordan which was the most watered land. It was thought to be the best place to raise his cattle but reading now in Genesis 14, war broke out in this area and Lot’s possessions were carried away along with Lot himself (v. 12). This is the first instance of war in all of history.

News about Lot got to his uncle Abraham who gathered up his men to help rescue Lot. They routed those who had Lot, gathered his possessions, and returned back to safety. King Melchizedek of Salem blessed Abraham. Even though the two were strangers, Abraham and Melchizedek felt a unity immediately because they both served the ONE true God.

The relationship between Abraham and Melchizedek was strong and positive because they were both of high integrity. Their worship of the ONE true God immediately put them on the same page with the same purpose. They treated each other with respect and blessed each other. They were both creating a climate of success.

We become like those we associate and close association with ungodly people has many dangers. Usually, this close association pulls a person into a negative surrounding that creates a barrier to success. We live in this world with others and life is at times a challenge, therefore we should want to associate with people who create a climate for success. If not, things can get out of control fast.

This day with You God, we pray to learn and apply the principles You teach in the Bible; We pray that You surround us with others so we can build strong positive relationships that lead to a climate of spiritual growth. We ask that You search inside our soul and clear out what shouldn’t be there. Amen!

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