Sticking to the Plan

There seems to be a correlation between the moral and physical world. Think about the United States: as it no longer follows the plan “One Nation Under God” given to the founding fathers, morality decays and there are more problems in society. That’s why it takes strong leadership with leaders of courage that will follow the constitution.

Reading in Genesis 6, the moral decay on earth during that time troubled God greatly and the corruption had to be dealt with. There was one man that God was pleased with and his name was Noah.

Noah was a righteous man and walked with God (v. 9) so He gave Noah instructions for a plan to erase the corruption that man had caused. He was to build an ark to house one pair (male and female) of all creatures on earth. God would then bring a flood on earth so that every living thing would perish except for those in the ark.

Imagine the reservations, fears, doubts, and problems that may have beset Noah because of following God’s specific instructions. The ark had to be built so it would not leak. The people probably thought he was crazy spending so much time building the ark and warning of the coming flood. Think of all the wild animals that had to be provided room and board; the giant elephant, the roaring lion, and the smelly skunk.

The lesson for us today is that when God gives us something to do like He did Noah, we should obey even if it seems “incredible, strange, and unpopular”. Instructions from God are so important because lives are many times depending on us to do what needs to be done.

Noah was given a definite purpose by God which he acted upon. Each of us will be given insight into how to play our part to make a difference in this world. God will give plans for your future.

Lord, this day with You help us to act upon the plan You give us even if it seems incredible, strange, or unpopular. Help us to follow through even when there are critics. Even if the job before us seems impossible because with Your help, everything is possible.

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