The Best Inside

Mary visits Elizabeth in the hill country of Judea which was about 60 miles south of Nazareth. Elizabeth is very happy to see Mary and as described in Luke 1:39-56, the baby in her womb leaped for joy when she heard Mary’s greeting. Elizabeth’s greeting added to Mary’s faith because even though the two had not talked, Elizabeth was not surprised that the Holy Child was inside. The news had been revealed to her through the Holy Spirit.

In the song Mary recites, she explains that God is the Mighty One who has done great things. She explains that He gives mercy from generation to generation. He performs mighty deeds and brings down rulers who are proud but lifts up the humble. Those that seek a life with Him are filled with the best inside that satisfies the soul but He sends away empty those without need for Him.

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This day with God, believe that we can count on God to fulfill His promises. Like Mary, view immediate problems in the perspective of past and future history.  Pray today to live in such a way that is rooted and built up by Him. Like a tree near a water supply, take in the source of spiritual nutrition that strengthens faith and grows to produce the best inside.

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