The Reward is Christ

The angel explains the revelation to John face to face with word pictures that stimulate the senses of sight, taste, feeling, smell, and sound. The revelation is given to God’s servants and the churches. As explained in Revelation 22:6-15, the reward is being with Christ; the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (v. 13).

Those written in the Book of Life will be able to enter the city gates; living forever with rights to the tree of life that has healing leaves and bears twelve crops of fruit. They will receive the Lord’s help; being sheltered with His presence and never going hungry. They will never be in darkness and every tear will be wiped away from their eyes.

This day, pray that the Lord Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega for many more people; that the Lord is the ONE to worship and is most important in more people’s life and throughout the world.

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