Higher Plane

Downtown Austin is in the upper right

An airplane gains speed down the runway and the wind resistance flows under the wings to give the plane a lift until it is lifted higher and higher into the sky. To get to a higher level of enlightenment in our life, we must resist what is wrong. The things of this world give us no desire to do so and keep us down low but the power from the Spirit lifts us to new heights of joy and peace.

David didn’t have any joy or peace as recorded in the writing of Psalm 51. The background of this psalm is 2 Samuel 11:1 through 12:15 when David was in a very low place in his life. He had committed adultery with Bathsheba and then murdered her husband. The requests of David is for mercy and forgiveness from his sin. He also wants a pure heart, renewal of a steadfast spirit within, and the joy of salvation. Then beyond forgiveness for himself, he wants Zion to prosper and the walls of Jerusalem to be built up.

David had sinned against God and was constantly thinking about the negatives in his past which were causing sorrow. It’s the same with all of us when something like guilt, anger, or any other negative of the past needs to be released. It doesn’t always have to be from our past but maybe in the present like who we spend time with now, listen to on social media, or watch on TV.

Maybe something needs to be removed in our current routine that is causing these negatives to keep us at a low point in life. If we remove the negative habits, then we can be lifted to a higher place of joy and peace. 

David knew that true worship starts with confession. After asking for forgiveness, a new heart with inward joy develops deep down in his heart. If we have peace and joy deep in our heart, it will catch on and others will desire the same life of living on a higher plane.

This day with You Lord, take away anything negative in our present or in our past that weighs us down. Erase it and replace it with the joy and peace we receive by knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior. He died for all these negatives so we can focus on the future that is lived on a higher plane because of our faith, hope, and love. In Jesus name … Amen. 
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  1. Amen! This is it: “The things of this world give us no desire to do so and keep us down low but the power from the Spirit lifts us to new heights of joy and peace.”

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