The Path to Truth

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Contemplating upon Ecclesiastes 7, we can learn from difficult experiences or tough times and help others to possibly avoid what we had to go through. The path of adversity can lead to the path of truth for others. Life has perplexing problems and we are born into an imperfect world that can lead many down the wrong path. There is corruption, poverty, sadness, hate, and foolishness. 

We can learn lessons from the Bible by taking the principles and making them practical. Thoughts of excellence can be hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living. Then instead of predicting the future, we are creating it as we prepare the mind and heart for the path to freedom. The riddle of life can’t be solved by reason alone. Going to God in prayer is needed and belief that nothing is too big for God to handle or too small for Him to be interested in is a good thought. 

This day with God, let us pray for the ability to take in these lessons from His Word and from life. There may be times of prosperity or adversity and in each circumstance, wisdom can be gained. In times of prosperity, let us enjoy God’s favor, be thankful, and generous. In times of adversity, let us embrace the lesson learned as council for future security from troubles and dangers.


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5 Responses to The Path to Truth

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    A great message and a fantastic photo today!


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