How to Get Through Stuff

In the post yesterday, I wrote about the last part of Psalm 119 which is the largest chapter of the Bible. It is apparent from reading in Psalm 119:137-176 that the psalmist faced stuff in life and it’s no different for us today but like the psalmist, there are things we can do.

We can ask for God’s help in prayer, seek solutions, and have patience through hope. The benefits are peace in knowing that we have given it our all. Along the journey, it helps to remain positive, retain a sense of humor, and remember how much we are blessed. It’s in the stuff we go through that we grow as a child of God. Here’s a video with this idea in mind: This is the Stuff – Francesca Battistelli.

This day with God can be amazing even if having a tough day for we can go to God in prayer and start fresh with a new perspective.

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5 Responses to How to Get Through Stuff

  1. Ah, to keep a sense of humor in the midst of the “stuff,” now that is the challenge!

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