Benefits of God’s Word

As brought out in Psalm 119:137-176, God’s Word is right, trustworthy, and dependable but even in keeping His Word there is difficulty. There are enemies that bring trouble and distress who try to bring us down by what they do or say. To overcome this battle, listen to God’s Word and pray for ways to apply His instruction. Appeal to God’s compassion, mercy, and His ability to deliver.

Continue in hope and receive encouragement from God’s promises. We have access to Him at all times so pray because God knows our needs and will help in time of trouble. In prayer we can ask for God to wash every disappointment, we can ask for joy that will dissolve every sorrow, and we can accept His love to ease every pain.

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Be excited about God’s Word and praise Him continually because of peace right now and tremendous hope for the future. Be patient and understand that life is about pleasing God who gives salvation. Obey the truth, align to His will, and keep the hope of finishing strong until that day when He comes or calls to eternal glory.

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3 Responses to Benefits of God’s Word

  1. Psalm 119 is one of my favourite Psalms. The unwavering loyalty of the psalmist to God is so encouraging 🙂

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