Who Will Build the House of God

English: The Ark of the Covenant Brought into ...

English: The Ark of the Covenant Brought into the Temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reading in 1 Chronicles 17:1-15, David was concerned about the Ark of the Covenant. He was settled in his palace while the ark was under a tent. His thoughts were about building a house for God to dwell in but God gave David a different plan. He said don’t worry about a house for me and announces a surprising alternative plan. He promised that the most significant leader ever will come from one of David’s offspring (v. 11). Many think of Solomon and the temple he built but most believe the person being put forward as the most significant leader from the “house and lineage of David” is Jesus Christ. We know today that in the hearts of all believers is where the Spirit of God dwells.

The lesson being taught to me is that there should be no pressure to perform. All we are responsible for is to follow God’s will and accept His help. Like David, we must just accept our part in God’s overall plan. Many times we try to carry the burdens of life and put everything on our own shoulders. This is not healthy and not the way God intended.

The plan laid out is that God’s son would build the dwelling of God’s Spirit in all of us for we are the temple of God and should take care of the house of God. God’s Word is the foundation upon which to build our life. If we follow the instructions He has for us, a heavy load is removed and He carries us on His shoulders. This day with God, give praise because He loved us so much to become one of us and carry our heavy burdens.

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