As I read in 1 Chronicles 12, I took note of the fact that David couldn’t fulfill God’s purpose by himself so He provided him with warriors with specific skills to help. What skills do you have to make sure the church universal is built up throughout the world? You like me may lack some ability and struggle at catching sight of the big picture. All we need to do my brother and sister is know that it is Christ who strengthens. He carried the weight of the world on His shoulders and I know that He will carry each of us.

I heard a story once of a blind person who was born crippled and without eyes. He demonstrated tremendous musical skills early in life eventually becoming a member of the University of Louisville Marching Band with the help of his dad who pushed his wheel chair during half-time performances. His disabilities have become great abilities with the help of his father who worked the graveyard shift at UPS so he could be there being his eyes and legs. His name is Patrick Hughes and you can learn for about his inspiring story by clicking the video below or at this link.

My friend there are tremendous skills you have to offer for His Kingdom. You like me may not have all that is needed but like in the story above, we have a Father that is here to provide what we need. Take inspiration from Psalm 138:3.

When I called, you answered me: you greatly emboldened me.

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