Your Life Matters

Photo Credit – Town of Seekonk Massachusetts Website

Photo Credit – Town of Seekonk Massachusetts Website

In 1 Chronicles 1-2 is a genealogical record from Adam to the sons of Israel. In reading through these first two chapters, many may wonder why this is meaningful but for me it helps me realize that that every person matters to God.

1 Chronicles deals with the history of Israel as a religious community. It is written shortly after the exiles return from Babylon and they need to understand their history so they can learn from the past – what God has done to and for them and what tasks they are entrusted with for the future.

The human race has gone through so much; from Adam and Eve, the flood, and wars. Through it all, lessons can be learned, there can be spiritual reforms, we can work together in this world because we all come from ONE father and Jesus carries us to victory.

God is concerned about our future and much of who we are is passed down through our family. We fit into that line of history because we have an impact on promoting the wellbeing of each other; how we worship, pray, and approach life now and into the future.

Discover who we are; a child of ONE Father, each with a strength or spark to provide, trying to find the way God is going and going that way with each personality reflecting God’s light in many colors and patterns throughout the world.

This day with God, we can go to Him in prayer and speak to the ONE who will carry us to a bright future.

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5 Responses to Your Life Matters

  1. Amen! Well said Mark. There is nothing to add. This is an extremely powerful post.
    Thanks for sharing. God blesses.


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  3. Chantal Marr says:

    I think that it’s really hard to unite people even for a good cause like building a better future for humanity and our children. But I hope that many will at least listen to a voice like yours.


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