Change the World with Words

Girl and ponyWithin James 3:1-12, the untamed tongue is described as being like a forest fire that starts with a small spark but then spreads out of control. It goes throughout the whole body to set the course of one’s life on fire (v. 6).  Pastor Steve at my church said once in a sermon message that words are so important because they direct our life. Words may seem like a small thing but think about it, small things make a big difference; even a small child can direct a powerful horse with a small bit in its mouth.

Words are so powerful that we can change the world with expressions that are gentle and careful; words that help and encourage. Even at our work places, the Godly principles of generosity, tolerance, and kindness are spurred on by words that build up others, help gain customers, and keep each person working as a valued member of the company or organization.

As we begin a new year, let us believe each day will be amazing because God’s people are the greatest creation of all. Let us see greatness in our neighbors and pray that we treat everyone with kindness and tact.

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